Hair Accessories for the trendiest looks!

Hair Accessories

Accessorizing the hair is a fancy add-on all the women love doing. From hair clips to bands to hair scrunchies and many more items, these hair accessories can help one stand out with minimal effort. The right pair of accessories according to your dress brings out all the spark and can put you in the spotlight!


In this article, we will be talking about all the hairstyle accessories and their usage. Hang on to get all the tips and tricks.


What are hair accessories?

Hair accessories are ornamental or functional objects that are used to hold, tie, attach or insert into the hair to either fix it or make it look classy. These are available in various shapes, forms, & sizes and are widely loved by women.


Types of Hair Accessories


Hair Clips

Hair clips range from different shapes to different types. They are available in different colors and options. Below are a few different types of hair clips. Each of them has unique functions and is used for varied purposes.

  1. Claw Clips: These are the type of hair clips that are used to manage your hair in a single grab. The claw clips are the most basic and casual wearing hair clips which are available in a lot of shapes and colors.
  2. Barette Clips: These are different types of hair clips that are more on the fancier side. Usually decorated with shiny stones or cute bows, these clips secure all the hair that is needed.
  3. Hair Setting Clips: These are the clips that hold your hair from getting into the face. The hairstyling clips are commonly used while putting on makeup or doing any other face grooming.
  4. Snap Clips: Snap clips are the most widely used hair clip in the market. The main purpose of the hair clip is to hold the tiny strands of hair and keep them in their place. Available in different colors and shapes, these are also used for fancy accessorizing purposes.


Hair Extensions

These are special types of hair accessories that are used to add length and volume to the hair. The long hair extensions are usually clipped, glued, or available in hairband forms that are made from synthetic materials such as acrylic, nylon, or polyesters.


Hair Scrunchies

Commonly made from fabrics like satin, suede, and knitted cotton, hair scrunchies are crafted with a durable elastic band. These are really cute hair accessories that are used to tie all the hair in its place. From cheap scrunchies to premium ones, the durability differs accordingly.



Headbands are the type of hair styling item that is mainly used to keep the front hair from coming to the face. Available in plenty of colors and decorations, these are best for kids and busy moms. The perfect size of the headband can serve its purpose in a really good way.



The most basic, vital, and casual item on the list is a rubber band. These are the quickest and cheapest product that can instantly tie all your hair in its place. Available in decorative or basic forms, rubber bands are the simplest thing that is available in every little shop.



Available in different colors and sizes, pins are used for holding or even styling the hair. Pins that match your hair color can even allow you to get an invisible hold. Below are the different types of hairpins that are available in the market.

  1. Bobby Pins: Bobby pins are a very useful and versatile hair styling item. These pins are really thin and can secure any bunch of hairstyles.
  2. Spin Pins: Spin pins are like bobby pins but are specially made for curly hairs.
  3. Hair Stick Pins: These are used in tying hair buns tightly. The stick pins work best for long hair and can be used alone or in pairs.



Combs are vital everyday stuff that is used by men and women. It is used for styling, shaping, and detangling the hair. However, combs are available in various sizes and it functions in a few different ways. The mini ones are inserted in the hair to tighten up and keep the hair in its place, whereas the large ones are used to detangle and shape up your hair.


Hair Wraps

The hair wraps are basically cloth materials that are used for styling as well as holding purposes. Made from fabrics like silk or knitted cotton, these are available in different colors, designs, lengths, and widths. The head wraps are great for creating a boho look and can give you a classy unique look.


Hair accessories are a vast topic to talk about. They are available in various colors, forms, and shapes. You can either use it for functional purposes or for some ornamental purposes. The right one can be a fancy add-on to your hair and can make you stand out.


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