6 Remarkable Benefits of FUE Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplant in Pakistan

No denial, getting a surgical hair transplant is still a scary process for many people due to cuts, bruises and swelling. But thanks to technological advancement, it has become possible to get hair treatment without any invasive procedures. You need to opt for the proper hair treatment that reaps positive outcomes. The selection of a certified surgeon plays a vital role in a successful hair transplant. Therefore, it is recommended to choose your surgeon after proper research. Indeed, you can opt for different hair treatments to reduce hair fall, but FUE Hair Transplant in Pakistan is getting great recognition due to its remarkable results.

This treatment helps you regrow a fuller head of hair with natural-looking results. Another remarkable benefit of FUE hair transplant is that it ensures satisfactory results without any risk of pain and side effects.

However, choosing FDA approved and board-certified surgeons are always suggested because only competent surgeons perform a successful surgery. Don’t worry; FUE treatment doesn’t involve any conventional ‘strip procedure’. The professionals extract follicular grafts individually from the donor site and insert them (one by one) in the desired or damaged area of the scalp. That’s why; the entire procedure may take several hours to perform.

Currently, we are highlighting some fantastic benefits of FUE hair transplant that makes it the best hair treatment in Pakistan and all over the world.

Benefits of FUE Hair Transplant

Here is the list of some incredible benefits of FUE treatment you all must know.

No Pain, More Gain

Unlike conventional hair restoration methods, you feel no or little pain after the FUE procedure. Long-lasting anaesthesia is used to numb the specific area of the scalp throughout the treatment. Mostly, patients report that over-the-counter (OTC) pain alleviators are enough to relieve pain after the treatment. Generally, a patient feels little pain for at least 24 hours, and it starts subsiding significantly after a day. Sometimes, your surgeon prescribes pain killers if you feel pain, especially while sleeping at night.

Thicker and Fuller Hair

FUE hair transplant ensures long-lasting and natural-looking results. Most of the research studies have confirmed the success rate of FUE hair restoration procedures is around 95% to 99%. This newly introduced hair treatment’s success rate and popularity are more than the FUT method (AKA strips method). You can enjoy complete and thicker hair on your head due to the less traumatic harvesting method. Your newly transplanted hair follicles grow thicker and better than others.

That’s why most hair implantation surgeons in Pakistan and around the globe recommend FUE as a safer and most effective method to restore hair.

Augments Confidence Level

Losing your hair can harm your personality level. Hair fall not only affects your self-esteem adversely but triggers depression, stress and anxiety too. That’s why; you need an FUE hair restoration procedure to restore your hair and boost your confidence level. Indeed, you feel more confident and less depressed after seeing fuller and thicker hair on your head.

It affects your public speaking ability, and you start interacting with complete confidence. No denial; seeing hair back on bald areas of the scalp is one of the most acceptable feelings in the world that can’t be expressed in words.

FUE Hair Transplant in Pakistan
  • No Scars and Bruises

Surely, FUT is also a well-recommended treatment to regrow your hair, but it leaves scars, especially when you want short hair. However, the extraction site during FUE is tiny (less than 1mm), so it doesn’t cause any scars. Even the existed scars are so invisible and start vanishing in a day or two. The extraction site heals on its own without any medications and treatment. It starts looking normal without any scars after 3 to 4 days of the treatment.

That’s why; people opt for FUE to avoid scars and bruises. The fear of getting bruises makes FUT relatively less popular hair treatment these days.

In-Office Procedure

FUE is a safe and secure In-office procedure that can easily be performed under local anaesthesia. It shows that you can drive yourself to and from appointments. You don’t need to worry about additional costs, risks, side effects and pain like FUT treatment.

Prompt Recovery

One of the finest things about this latest hair treatment is that you don’t need to worry about the recovery time. It takes a few days to heal the injuries. You can resume your routine life activities after a day or two. Also, don’t worry about staples and stitches, as temporary bandages can be removed within 24 to 48 hours.

However, you have to follow some hair care instructions, especially while rinsing or shampooing your scalp.

Give a New Look to Your Hair with FUE Hair Transplant

Based on the discussion mentioned above, don’t you think FUE Hair Transplant in Pakistan is getting tremendous popularity for all good reasons?

Discuss with your chosen surgeon if you are an ideal candidate for it or not.

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